Center Green Heights Park Association

Early Winter Storm Clean up 2020

Thanks to the City of Boulder

CGH was the recipient of a grant that allowed the purchase of a picnic table and dog waste station. We appreciate our NP2 HOA members who assembled the table!

5 new trees!

Center Green Heights Park HOA purchased five trees that were planted in June. All the trees came from the City of Boulder Forestry Department recommended list.

Center Green Heights Park HOA or “Center Green” was created to maintain the park areas east of 47th Street along the north side of Kings Ridge Blvd. CGHP HOA also owns and maintains four landscaped medians on Kings Ridge Blvd, starting at 47th Street and going east just past Sentinel Drive.

CGHP HOA has two member HOAs: Noble Park 2 and Apple Green. Each HOA elects a member to serve on the CGHP HOA Board of Directors and pays an annual assessment. The maintenance obligations of CGHP HOA are funded through the contributions of the two members HOAs.

Center Green maintenance includes mowing, irrigating the turf in both the park and medians, pruning shrubs, trimming and maintaining trees, and snow removal on park sidewalks.

2023 Board members

Audrey Nelson, President CGHP HOA: 303-448-1802
Carmela Gabriele, President Apple Green HOA: 303-956-8639
Jeff Skala, President Noble Park 2 HOA: 720-252-4042
Rick Caldwell, Representative Apple Green HOA: 303-946-9628


The Declaration was recorded September 28, 1995, at Film 2080 as reception #01551212.